Our Story

The Combigrip was conceived one hot Miami day as Paulina Dzienska lugged bag after bag of groceries from her car to her condo. Every time she got to her door she had to put all the bags down and pick them up again to get her keys out and open the door. Then she noticed that her neighbors had the same problem. Paulina sat down and sketched out the basic idea for a hands-free carrying device, and the Combigrip was born.

Patented design

She then approached Swedish designer Jonas Blanking. Blanking was behind the first hard-case backpack, Boblbee. As a designer primarily for the automotive and sports industries, Blanking immediately had ideas for how to make Paulina’s concept durable, functional, and user-friendly.

Strong, durable and comfortable

The resulting hook and ring are forged out of a sturdy, glass-fiber enforced PP homopolymer that’s both strong and lightweight. The adjustable cloth shoulder strap is designed for comfort. 

Carry your weight

While the initial idea was to offload shoppers, the Combigrip’s innovative design and ability to carry more than 300 pounds makes it the perfect accessory for everyone from housewives and moms to athletes and construction workers. With the Combigrip, everyone can carry more, and carry it further, than ever before.