• Ever wish you could carry more?

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300 pounds of super-human strength in one little hook.


Combigrip saves the day

A girl's best friend

"I used the Combigrip on a recent shopping trip with my friends. Now they all want one."

– Fei

Ready for anything

"It's become a must-have in my glove box."

– Ronnie

Only make one trip.

"As sailors, we spend a lot of time lugging stuff on and off our boat. What used to take five trips can now be done in one!"

– Cole

Combigrip. Grab Life.

Smart, Swedish design

Designer Jonas Blanking chose industrial materials that make the Combigrip easy to use and endlessly useful.

Many ways to carry

The sturdy strap can be worn over the shoulder or messenger-style. Or you can choose to go strapless - and just use the handle. No matter what you're carrying, or how you want to carry it, the Combigrip makes it easier.

Patented two-part system

At the heart of the Combigrip is a patented two-part design. A separate hook piece snaps onto a ring attached to the strap. This increases its strength and makes it easy to detach when you just want use the handle.